Hospital, illness or accident indemnity plans

Are you worried about additional out-of-pocket expenses of a hospital stay or other unplanned illness or accident?

Whether you are on Medicare or individual health insurance, chances are your plan will leave you with out of pocket expenses associated with a hospital stay, ambulance trips, cancer outpatient surgery skilled nursing or durable medical equipment.

These costs can add up quickly and could mean financial disaster.

At VIA, we offer plans to give you peace of mind, that you have planned for any surprise costs due to illness or accident which your insurance will not cover.


What do we offer?

Indemnity Plans.¬† These plans can provide you with a CASH benefit of up to $600 per day based on the plan you choose.¬† They can also provide benefits for ambulance trips, durable medical equipment, skilled nursing care, and even accidental death and dismemberment¬† — all instances in which current health insurance plan have deductibles or co-payments.