Chronic Special Needs plans

Do you have diabetes or chronic heart failure?

At VIA, we are committed to your health and finding the best plan that suits your unique health care needs.  We offer Medicare Advantage plans that are uniquely tailored to address the special concerns of those with diabetes and chronic heart failure.  And a study has found that they work!

This recent study shows that “Medicare Advantage Chronic Special Needs Plans boosted primary care, reduced hospital use among diabetes patients.”   Learn more. 


What is a Chronic Special Needs Plan?

It’s a private insurance plan with a Medicare contract authorized under Medicare Part C.  It provides benefits greater than or equal to those of Medicare Parts A and B, sometime at little to no extra cost.

What a  is not:  A type of Medicare supplement.


What is a Medicare Advantage Chronic Special Needs Plan (CSNP)?

It’s a Medicare Advantage plan that offers additional benefits for you which original Medicare Parts A and B don’t offer tailored to certain chronic conditions.

If you have diabetes or chronic heart failure, benefits may include:

  • Routine podiatry
  • Dental (including dentures)
  • Monthly over the counter mail order benefit allowance
  • Vision and transportation benefits
  • Hearing aids
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Home visit by health care specialist
  • Maximum out-of-pocket spending limit
  • Reduced copays and coinsurance
  • Access to Social Service coordinators to help determine if you may be eligible for programs that help with your expenses.


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